Trying to be Normal

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Trying to be Normal

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Alex, having returned from New Orleans with a whole new life, tries to become just a normal young man as he returns to school. Can he simply blend in for the next 2 months despite having several women following him around? And will his abilities really be invisible to everyone around him?

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quoteReview by: Ken Englert on July 13, 2013 : star star star star star
Good follow up to Book One…sucked me right in. Hope the remaining books are as good as the first two.

quoteJust keeps getting better. The relationships are key, and the dialogue and interaction are building on the past storyline.

Thanks, Bill

quoteThanks for continuing the story. Very intriguing. I really like how you crafted Cate’s character and how the others related to her.

Amazon review: quote James Devits on Nov. 14, 2013. star star star star

Thought [it] was a good book, will be interested to see how the series develops waiting on book three hope it comes out soon

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