Touring Under Pressure


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Leaving the familiar and somewhat supportive environments of Carbondale and New Orleans after having been exposed, Alex takes his mission on the road. But along with the blur of life on a concert tour, there are dark trends as well: Alex is now known nationally, the media is hungry for news about him, and there are still multiple people eager to hurt him.

As he, Cate and Gail travel the country, they gradually learn more about his abilities and what drives people to either love or hate him.

This is the fifth of a six book series following Alex Jennings as he wrestles with the conflicting demands of building a movement while still keeping his feet on the ground.


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quoteReview by: Ken Englert on Oct. 19, 2013 : star star star star star
So far, these books are hard to put down once you start them. I’m sad the next book will be the last book in this series. But, I will reread these over and over and over again.

quoteAn extraordinarily captivating story. I like your writing style. I have always heard- let the participants tell the story. And they do. I watch through Gail’s eyes as she searches the crowded room for threats, and Cate’s constant frustration that she cannot learn more about what Alex is creating while wishing to be a Seer.

The amount of work to create these narrations is breath-taking. Each story is a novel. Thank you for your work & creativity.



quoteIt’s a great read based on an exciting idea.
Alex’s healing powers have become much more
focused and effective. There’s so much to enjoy as he sets about changing the lives of those he encounters. The reasons are often obscure but that’s part of the attraction.Thanks so much for writing.

Ralph (New Zealand)

quoteThis has been one of the most interesting stories I’ve read in a long time.  Normally, I would be interested in the darker aspects of mind-control (or whatever this is), but I find the mystery you’re weaving to be something to look forward to.Overall, great writing, story arc and character development.  I’ll look forward to what evolves.


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  1. Erika says:

    > Could you sell the book on amazon?

    Ah, an interesting question, but one that has a fairly complicated answer.

    There are a number of reasons why I didn’t put the books on Amazon. First, there’s the ongoing conflict between smashwords and Amazon, where Amazon refuses to accept anything from smashwords on general principal. But mostly, it’s because of Amazon’s restrictions. They won’t allow any book that’s offered for sale for a different (potentially lower) price.

    I’ve been submitting my books to a European site (, and they charge a different price than I do.

    Essentially, in order to publish on Amazon, I need to jack the price of my books up a fair amount. As it is, the books I sell on dpdotcom only net me $1 for each $4 book. In order to sell on Amazon, I’d have to boost the price of my books, violating Amazon’s pricing rules.

    However, smashwords offers Kindle versions of the books, and going forward (after the Catalyst series is completed), I plan on pricing my books so that I can publish them on Amazon.

    The first of those, “Stranded”, should be ready in a few months.

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