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Alex finds himself with a mission to find as many new followers as he can during the limited time he has left, as he comes to grip with the knowledge that his abilities will likely kill him. Before that happens, he hits the road with his sister and an ex-cop serving as a bodyguard. Along the way, they learn much more about him, about his followers, and about leading a mission when one doesn’t know the way. He needs to connect with enough followers to build a whole new branch on the evolutionary tree, but he only has a limited amount of time to do it, and he has to stay below the radar as he does it.

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quoteI just finished Racing The Clock, [and] as usual it was terrific. I know I say they are smoother than the originals but I think they are better organized if that makes sense. You have managed to improve an already great story. Thank you. I await the next installment.
– Thomquotestarstarstarstarstargood story” Amazon review by Mr. Rowland R Denniss
Really good story one of a set (catalyst) couldn’t put it down and when I’d finished it I was so disappointed I didn’t want it to end.

quoteReview by: Terry on Dec. 29, 2013 : star star star star
Just finished this one, I honestly didn’t get as engrossed in it as I did the previous one. I think because the core group being fractured and the massive influx of new names and faces. Still good however.

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