Site problems

Tried to straighten out my scattered website, and it ended up getting run over! I was unable to sign in for weeks, during which time the site was completely unprotected, nothing was updated and it was a bit of a disaster. However, I think I’ve gotten it straightened out now.

However, now I’m thinking of completely reworking my entire web strategy. I’m going to permanently kill my alternate crumblywriter webpage, since no one has visited it in a long time, and giving away my stories on a secret site was both hard to maintain, and unproductive (although the pages looks better than they do on online other online sites).

As for ( is kaput), I’m going to rework the entire think, changing it into a direct pay site, where I list books currently for sale, and rather than handling credit cards, you can purchase books via a paypal address, and I’ll email the books directly to you. That seems simpler than pointing readers in a dozen different directions to my various retail outlets.

There a LOT of other changes, which I’ll address in other posts.

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