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An experimental NASA flight goes horribly wrong, and the unlucky test pilot wakes up, unhurt, back home. Struggling to discover what happened, Eric Morgan returns to NASA and prepares to face a thousand questions as things continue to unravel around him. Is he still normal, still human, or some new species which may bring catastrophe to those around him?

Eric encountered something strange in the dead of space which left him forever changed. Testifying before a Congressional subcommittee, he inspires fear and hope. As the danger mounts, he tries to fall off the grid and begin a new life as he struggles with what happened, but the rest of the world won’t allow him to walk away. Is he a threat or a blessing? Is he helping humanity or threatening them? Should he explain himself or hide so he won’t impact others? And what about those closest to him? How will the changes to him impact them?

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