These are sites which I recommend:


Rob Loveboy:

gay-camp-outRob is an ‘up and coming’ author I’ve taken under my wing. While many of you may shy away from his work (he writes gay sex stories), he also writes some incredible stories built upon the unbelievable experiences of his readers which can’t be ignored. While they stretch the imagination (that such things really occur), they reveal real events and the motivations which produce them and how individuals respond. (And, his porn ain’t half-bad either!). ‘D

One, “The Nazi’s Boy“, reveals the Nazi’s abuse of young boys in WWII Poland. He’s working on another, which I’m helping him prepare for publishing, which won’t be available for a while. But he’s worth checking out, whether you’re into ‘gay porn’ or not.

Perhaps his most noticeable accomplishment is his discovery that his biggest fans aren’t ‘gay readers’. Despite the best attempts by website owners to corral fiction into categories, he draws the most readers by posting stories with both straight/gay scenes in unrestricted, non-established genres.

So try him out, and let me know what you think.

William Rice:

This writer has been around for a few years and has produced a cornucopia of Sci-Fi titles. His titles cover a range of topics and situations, as well as length and price ranges.

I’ve been working with him lately trying to work out some tricky formatting details and we discovered we share a lot of similar interests and writing styles.

Switch Blayde:

A writer I’ve long used as a reference and who has helped me over the years. He writes a variety of stories. The link above points to his ‘erotic stories’. I’ll try to get the link to his published books if I can.

Deadly Ernest (Ernest Edwards):

EB-01Another of the writers who helped me get started, and who got me started self-publishing. His stories cover a range of topics, but tend to favor sci-fi with a slight military bent (sometimes). He’s too wide-ranging to easily classify, you’ve got to check him out.

CK Dragon:

I’ve found that several of my readers also by books by CK and Lubrican (see below), thus I figured I’d list them so you can find them more easily. I’ve had dealings with both (our paths cross on occasion) so I’m familiar with their works.

CK tends to write more straightforward porn titles, though with a twist (think tentacle sex type twists).

Robert Lubrican:

LubricanRobert tends to write more straightforward erotic stories and is pretty prolific. His “Fractured Fairly Tales” is pretty interesting.


Most of you who’ve followed me for anytime already know about SOL. Though they’ve lost some readers due to legal restrictions in Canada which limits what they can post, they remain a home for more ‘serious’ erotic fiction. Since the more ‘pornographic’ works have fled to ASSTR as a result of said restrictions, that means your odds of finding decent literary works actually improves.

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