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Not-Quite Human 1

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Al and Betty aren’t like their classmates. They’ve developed particular skills which set them apart, and which sets them in a search for mysteries which eventually leads them in a search for their origins, and the long interstellar trip home

Searching out others like them, they build a crew to search for a ship which will hopefully take them to a home they’ve never known, to a reception they aren’t sure will be welcoming.

The first book in the three book “Not-Quite Human” trilogy.

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Amazon gold stargold stargold stargold stargold star S.S. Johnson
Awesome story of young adult misfits trying to find their place; only to discover that they don’t fit in ANYWHERE!

It started with Betty yearning to find – something. Then Al becomes involved, trying to save her; his sister. Together they try to discover what is being sought and locate it, without bringing attention to themselves. Impossible! Each step of their journey brings more problems and greater difficulty – but greater resources. It is a race to the finish, against rogue agents, scared citizens, and finally, Special Forces. How can they possibly survive?

This is classic Science Fiction; about people, personalities, unusual abilities, and stressful situations. I am reminded of stories by Robert Heinlein, Alan Dean Foster, and other masters of the genre.

I REALLY liked this book. I cannot wait for the other two books in the series to be published!


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I found out about this the first story in the Not-Quite-Human saga, from reading another web site. I immediately bought it and read the entire thing through.

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