Demonic Issues 2: Speaking With Your Demons

Demonic Issues

Speaking With Your Demons

"Speaking With Your Demons" cover image(available as a preorder on Smashwords until 09/09/2017,
when it’ll be published on Amazon, Smashwords, Createspace and Lulu).

Phil, who was able to fight invisible beings and cure people of their mental illnesses, was ‘cured’ of his ability by the intervention of the medical establishment. Regaining his abilities, and recognized around the world, he’s doubly cautious about his approach. In an attempt to remain under the radar, he doesn’t inform anyone and takes an unusual approach.

Selecting a new team, consisting of a scarred vet and a young waif, he begins again. Based on new knowledge about his abilities, he seeks to learn more about his opponents, but faces his greatest challenge when confronted with betrayal, deception and open rebellion by those he chooses to work with.

He must choose who to trust: humans or otherworldly creatures … even as he struggles to keep his actions and abilities hidden, while also seeking to leverage his fame and reputation. His assistants prove his greatest foes, while his foes become his greatest aids, in a confusing swirl of otherworldly mixture of confusion, mental illness and blind hope.

The one-week preorder offers the book at a slight discount ($4.99 instead of $5.99). Once the book is published, the price returns to its normal retail price.

You can save even more by purchasing the entire Demonic Issues Box Set at an even higher discount ($8.99 instead of $10.99).

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